Get back to thriving.

Everyone has their own reasons for considering senior living. Some enjoy the company of like-minded friends. Others need some additional help with cooking, cleaning, and driving. Many need some assistance with personal care as their physical needs increase. The Wildwood is here to serve them all!

Making a move to senior living is the first step in getting back to thriving. At The Wildwood, we believe in holistic care that takes into account physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Residents come to The Wildwood with a wide range of needs, and we work hand in hand to find the best solutions. We are focused on the resident’s unique lifestyle goal – to regain and maintain the highest level of independence.

Holistic Care

Personal care is only one aspect of a resident’s wellness. At The Wildwood we believe that caring for the whole person means providing a range of high-quality services working together – from dining to events and entertainment and everything in between.

Care Planning

No two people are the same, and we believe that should be reflected in the way we approach care. By working directly with residents and their families, we can ensure we are leveraging every tool and service available to maximize independence and reduce cost.

Personal Choice

Care is about the individual and that always includes respecting residents’ dignity by accommodating their personal preferences. At The Wildwood, we don’t dictate care, we work with each resident to come up with a plan that suits their lifestyle and habits. Whether you are an early riser or late, prefer showering 2 days or 7, need full assistance or just someone to help a little, we want to take the time to learn your personal preferences.


Implementing common-sense tools to provide quality care.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality care while lowering cost and increasing wellness. To that end, The Wildwood is forging the path in the use of technology to aid in personal care with a focus on implementing discreet and unobtrusive systems. Foresite passive health monitoring is available to our assisted living and memory care residents.